With the tour freshly finished, I’m just trying to get a handle on my day job again, but I have made a few updates.

For a start, over at the derivative audio site, I’ve thrown up the set lists from most of the tour (I’ve misplaced the exact listing for the Port Chalmers show, I’ll get that up as soon as possible). Trainspotters will notice the nearly two-year gap between postings in that list – I’ll try and rectify that, but embarrassingly (for the OCD nerd inside me) 2008 was a rough year for those treasured pieces of paper, and quite a few of the smaller shows I played at the end of that year and the beginning of this one were fairly loose.

Hopefully I’ll make a larger post about the tour soon, but for now I’d like to say thanks to Dallas and the Mannequins, Hannah Curwood and her lovely band, Canadia, Stirrers and Delgirlfor sharing a stage with us and lending equipment, ears, and general loveliness. Please check out these players – Hannah has a new EP out which is really, really good, Canadia’s new EP will be out soon and Delgirl have a new album coming out in October. We’re looking forward to a release and a tour from Dallas and the Mannequins.

A big thank you to Yule for letting us stink up his flat in Auckland, and for getting us blotto in his freshly built studio. And a big thanks to all the lovely folk at the venues throughout the country.