It’s been a busy couple of days. Most importantly, Lucinda has finished off the artwork and Tom has finished the mastering, and all elements of the album are with the manufacturer. This should mean they’re back in time for the release – I’ll cross my fingers.

I also knocked up a sneaky polish for the store. It’s just a visual thing really, but it’s quite nice. I threw some ideas around for a while and settled on an implementation of MooFlow, a MooTools-based CoverFlow clone. MooFlow is very nice, but I did have a couple of issues – it’s only at version 0.2 after all.

Out of the “box” MooFlow is not set up to take single-clicks – it assumes single clicks are used for navigating through the stack. My other problem was that with the number of items in our “flow”, the knob turned into half a knob.
If anyone is interested, to solve the first issue, I inserted a click handler before the default MooFlow one. All this new handler does is check if the clicked item is already in the centre of the “flow” and if so, launches the associated URL (it was simple enough to tell MooFlow to attach an href to its image objects, which it draws from an href attribute on the img tag that it turns into the MooFlow object). If the object isn’t in the centre, then it simply calls the normal click handler, which flicks it to the centre.
The second issue was a simple bug with the calculation MooFlow uses to set the knob width. Just like a normal window, the knob width is related to the window content – so the more content, the smaller the knob, down to a certain minimum usable width. Unfortunately, MooFlow did not have a check in it that told it not to try and make the knob more narrow than it would make sense to be. A simple bug, and a simple fix.
I’m not sure if it’s kosher to post my fixed code here, it is after all not my project. However, if anybody needs it, please contact me and I’d be happy to pass on the code. I will also be donating to the MooFlow developer on behalf of – it’s a nice little add-on, and very easy to use.