New Album Preview

We’re very happy to bring you this preview from our upcoming album Not the Sunley Band. Please note that this is not your average Sunley Band music, hence the album title. Some people may find some content offensive, others may find it confusing or frightening.

This particular track shouldn’t offend or frighten anybody. It may confuse some. This is our stab at creating a public service announcement rap about cervical screening. You can check out the unmastered preview on our Soundcloud page, and read our comments on it below.


This song is inspired by the cervical screening campaign television adverts. A woman in one of the ads proclaims: “It’s not like you can just say ‘have you had your … inspected lately'” and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to create a PSA rap in the mould of the Do The Right Thing campaign of the late eighties. As I set out writing I took advice from my feminist-blog-writing partner. She rightly pointed out that a cold speculum was not “a real big thrillah” by any means, but that it was OK to leave the line in because it rhymed. At this point in the process I honestly though that we could offer the song to the National Cervical Screening Programme for use in a future campaign. Maybe I was kidding myself. Certainly, when I heard Dangerfield’s verse I gave up that hope – I don’t think they would be cool asking women to “come in and let us poke around inside your lady parts,” or with us suggesting that the medical professional performing the screening would also provide a foot massage. Oh well. It’s a shame, because the Programme does good work, and they deserve a hip tune or two.


“I finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of incorporating ‘lady parts’ into a rap”


Apologies for not posting here in… a year…

Anyway, aware that some people have probably followed me on Twitter expecting me to talk about music and instead having to listen to me rant about politics or software development, I’ve created a new Sunley Band account.

It’s @sunleyband– go ahead and follow us and we’ll try and keep our jerseys separate from our unmentionables!

Coming up

We have gigs coming up… firstly a private show next week, followed by an appearance at the 5th birthday event.

The week following, we’ll be at the Organic Wine and Food Festival at Sammy’s… hope to see everyone there!

Bank of Sunley

Penelope gave me this to help me out paying the rent for the practice room.

It’s cruel on two levels:

1. I don’t have any money and would like some.

2. She made me look like a paint-huffer.

Darn your socks, Penelope!

Also, thanks for thinking of me and stuff.


Last week the band had a group vocal lesson. It was a very valuable experience for us as we put a lot of effort into vocal arrangements and I know personally I needed better tools for warming my voice up and using it properly.

We though Hana Fahy was a very good teacher and would recommend her to anyone in the Dunedin area. Also, I’d recommend her album here!


Our gig last night in support of Ash and the Matadors at their EP release was a shining example of just how healthy things are in Dunedin at the moment.

We often have a little whine about there being not enough places to play, but last night there were attractive gigs at Chicks, Refuel, Ombrellos, Swell, the Long Beach Hall, The Robbie and of course, upstairs at the Cook, where we were. In a town this size you could expect that we’d have had a small audience due to the split, but the place was bouncing. A testament, I think, to the wealth of talent about at the moment and the enthusiasm surrounding it. It’s easy to lose sight of that sometimes.

So thanks, Dunedin. And thanks to Ash and the Matadors for giving us access to your tremendous audience.