New preview!

Time for another preview from the upcoming album. It features almost T-Pain-esque abuse of auto-tune, a solo made with Bebot and Aidan singing falsetto. And Penelope rapping.


“Something is deeply broken in New Zealand. I don’t know, maybe you should just get off my lawn, but I reckon there’s blame to be apportioned and a lot of it goes to these guys. This number was partially inspired by this whole story over here, and partially by a general ill feeling towards the general ill feeling we’re surrounded with. It’s pretty explicit, you can work it out.”


“I’m not sure how well my bit fits with the rest of the track, but I felt like moan-rock needed to be parodied at least once on the album, so there it is.”

You can get it over here at our Soundcloud page. Not the Sunley Band will be out sometime very soon!