New player, album soon

Long time between updates for us, and we’re sorry. The hangover of of our good friend and bassmaster Andy leaving us for a rural teaching position was long and bitter, and we wandered bleak emotional wastelands as we came to terms with our new world.

Soon enough though, two things became apparent. Firstly we needed a new bass player. Secondly, we needed to release this album we’ve been sitting on.

Finding new members for bands is never an easy process, so we’ll use that as the excuse for us taking so long about it. The deed, however, is done, and we’re happy to introduce our new low-end provider, Ayumu Kobayashi. You may remember Ayumu from his groups Owls and The Maine Coons, and we’re excited that he’s joining us!

And yes, that album. It’s ready and waiting, we’re just clearing up a few details and we hope to have to have an announcement about a release show in days to come.

Until then, welcome Ayumu!