Many thanks to those who suggested names for the untitled track. There were some that were totally unexpected, some way off the mark, and some a lot closer. Before I threw it open, I was heading in a direction that including such concepts as horses, journeys and wire.

There were surprisingly few suggestions along those lines – “Wayfaring” was good, suggested by Lou, and in the same sort of vein we had “Sicilian Cowboy Convention” from Chris. Ashley was on the raucous cowboy tip, I think, with “Punch Drunk Promenade,” while others went for the gypsy thing: Andy suggested “Hard Cheese and Mouldy Bread,” an “Estonian delicacy that I made up.” Some went for the obvious – “Squeeze-box Waltz,” said Toni – or called it how they felt it – “Melancholic Soothe,” from Priscille – while others were totally left-field, like Steph’s “Tomorrowpockets”, the Tintin “inspired” “ten thousand thundering typhoons” from Blake, or “Pickledmonkeytuckerfucker” from Dave, who is a little obsessed with monkeys I think. I don’t know if Jon’s “the third or the fourth?” was a suggestion or a question. Sneaking in just before the buzzer was Logan with “I Will Still Love Your Body, Even If Your Heart?s Not In It,” which is really a fantastic name for a song, but I think I’d want words in that song. Funny, funny words.

It’s always interesting to see how other people take your music, and it’s nice to know that you’re evoking images. This was a fun exercise in that sense – one I’ll probably do again. In the end, I chose the title that I thought connected best for me. The vague klezmer tones I think were overridden by the obvious western bits, and I feel “Sicilian Cowboy Convention” sums that up quite nicely – accordions, western guitar leads, schlock… the only thing missing is somebody whistling. It makes me very happy to know that in some sense, Chris was linking me to Ennio Morricone with that title.

Now, because Chris played on the album, he was already getting a copy. I’m yet to decide what to do now – do I give one to the next closest title? Do I run another funtastic giveaway? All these decisions and more, next time!