Sex with Bowie made the number one spot on Christchurch bNet radio station RDU’s top ten this week. This is cool for a couple of reasons. One, they’re friends – the masterminds behind SWB also played on my album, and one is both the namer of that track and a current member of the Sunley Band – and two, as Chris writes, it’s “pretty awesome that a song which we wrote and recorded within 2 hours for $0 (and where I clearly mess up the drum beat during the intro) is getting some airplay.” Anyway, go check them out on
I can remember a time, not so long ago, when Christchurch wasn’t interested in anyone waving a guitar around. I guess that sort of thing goes in cycles… although a few of the city’s high-profile “urban” (forgive the term) acts have moved away from the area now. I don’t know what that says. I hope this means there will be a whole bunch of open-minded Christrchurchians making the journey through the tunnel to Lyttleton when we visit in September.

As I write this, I’m listening through some test-masters of the Sunley album. Sounding pretty exciting! In other news, I forgot to book an appointment for a haircut today, again, despite an explicit reminder. I did, however, remember to book the flights for September’s Sunley Band tour.