Upcoming outings…

Hola devotees, welcome back.
6months have expired since last updating this page, and truth be told we haven’t done an awful lot of gigs in that time. Behind the scenes of course it’s a little different, with the album dragging it’s heels along nicely…tentatively looking at a release before the year is out.

Anyway, combandposter_5Junev2e say gidday at the following…

Friday 20th June at PLATO w/Hana Fahy and Matt Langley ( https://www.facebook.com/events/496263613807447/ )

Saturday 28th June at SAMMYS as part of Circle Jerk – we’re on at 11:20pm

July 19th at INCH BAR as an acoustic 5some, from around 9pm

July 26th at HILLS Restaurant for the Mad Hatters Tea Party w/Iron Mammoth (call the venue for tickets)

August 1st at a Science party? Yeah, it’s a science ball for the Otago Uni sci’ers. We did it last year, it was a blast so we’re back again.

More soon! xox