Ano Novo

Long time, no talk. My apologies. To keep things going, here’s a review of Apologies by Fleur Jack that showed up in the current Rip It Up magazine:

“There are a bunch of well crafted songs on this charming homemade album and the love that has gone in to making it is obvious. All the instruments played and lyrics sung have a laidback vibe about them, which makes for very chilled and pleasant listening. As well as being the man behind the songs on this album, Evan Sunley James is behind much of the instrumentation, and has also taken the role of producer, which means that every little detail has been approved for his own satisfaction. Anyone can make an album in a bedroom with the technology that is available these days, but making one that people want to put on and listen to isn’t as easy as Sunley makes it seem. The album is friendly, it has some love, a little bit of heartache along the way – and is all round aurally pleasing to the ear and spirit. Sunley is another of Dunedin’s diamonds definietly worth checking out.”

Thanks Fleur!